Big daddy of all that is PSR

Should I have a British accent to imply how important this section is? I hear that is super effective for getting someone to listen you. I assume that is only for people who does not have a British accent. Thou shall not go cray cray when thee organizes thy files. How was that? There is a time and place for everything and on this topic we are going to focus on the “place” section.

We talk about how nice it is to code in objective manner. Yea we do and yea it is. How are you going to approach organizing all those PHP files? Fear not. PHP-Fig team is to the rescue. They came up with a guideline to kindly tell us what to do.

Cool thing about the PSR-4 autoloader standard is that if you follow it, you can load all you need to the PHP interpreter with only one autoloader. PSR-4 lets you organize your folders and files as the prefix of your namespace.

There is really not much to it. Once you map your folders and files into a namespace, there is not much else to it.

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